We Promise you the Coverage you Deserve!
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We Promise you the Coverage you Deserve!

Have you ever wondered why that tiny, sewn-in pocket in your panties is there? It’s called a gusset and its main purpose is to provide you with breathability and moisture absorption. Unfortunately, the underwear you own is likely to have gussets that are too small and tend to roll up. Also, so many undergarment brands use synthetic fabrics that throw off your pH balance.


Next time you are experiencing vaginal discomfort, double-check the crotch of your undies. A breathable, long gusset is the key to a pleasant panty experience. Although the undergarment industry fails to create gussets long enough to cover your vulva (most are either non-existent or too small), ours are 5.5 inches to ensure extra protection for all your lady parts.


At Panty Promise, we promise you’ll get the coverage you deserve. Our tall gussets are bonded on all edges to avoid skin irritation while also fully covering and protecting your vulva. The material we use is 100% organic cotton, hypoallergenic, and GOTS certified.

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