Ups & Downs?! How your Period Could be Messing with Your Mind.

Not in your head—it’s a result of your hormones changing during your cycle, and it’s very real.  However, did you know that your hormones continue to...

Feb 28 2024
Post by Jessica Krupa

The Doctor & Designer Duo Revolutionizing Women's Underwear

After an intensive year of innovation, involving over 100 prototypes and collaborative efforts with Dr. Alyssa Dweck, a highly respected NY gynecologist known for her contributions...

Feb 22 2024
Post by Jessica Krupa

The Toxic Truth about Your Period Panties.

Cotton is a magical fabric.  Its natural breathability, absorption, and texture allow for utmost comfort and wellbeing.  While it’s best to opt for cotton panties, it’s...

Feb 07 2024
Post by Jessica Krupa

Pubic Hair Through the Ages: A Short History of the Bush

Women’s pubic hair has a long, intriguing history.  Its significance, perceptions, and reasons for removal have continually altered and shifted through the years.  As humans have...

Jan 31 2024
Post by Jessica Krupa

Your Vaginal Scents & Odors

Knowing Your Vaginal Scent and How Your Cycle Affects it. You may have realized that your vagina has its own scent.  Vaginal scent varies individually from...

Jan 24 2024
Post by Jessica Krupa

Female Entrepreneur Jessica Krupa on WPBF Local News

In a groundbreaking initiative set to transform the startup landscape, the 1909 Accelerator Program was unveiled this morning, with Jessica Krupa at the helm. This news...

Jan 21 2024
Post by Jessica Krupa

We Promise you the Coverage you Deserve!

Have you ever wondered why that tiny, sewn-in pocket in your panties is there? It’s called a gusset and its main purpose is to provide you...

Jan 18 2024
Post by Jessica Krupa

Gussets, Let’s Discuss It!

Have you ever wondered what that little pocket in the middle of your underwear is for?  Don’t be fooled—it’s not for holding anything, like your keys...

Jan 16 2024
Post by Jessica Krupa

Your Toxic Panties are Destroying Your Health.

Ladies, get ready for a lingerie revolution! You carefully pick your outfits for their style and comfort, but what about what lies beneath? The truth about...

Jan 12 2024
Post by Jessica Krupa

Let’s Change Our Tune: Why We Need to Talk About Feminine Health

Why has feminine health been a taboo topic for so long? Vaginas, vulvas, periods, pubes, etc. For so long, women have been too scared to even...

Dec 23 2023
Post by Jessica Krupa

Should You Wear Underwear to Bed?

It’s been a long debate on whether or not we should be wearing underwear to bed. The answer is... it’s your choice. It’s really up to...

Dec 03 2023
Post by Jessica Krupa

The Truth About Your Panties will Shock You!

Cotton panties help prevent UTIs, yeast infections, and bacterial vaginosis due to their breathable and moisture-wicking properties. Cotton allows airflow, reduces moisture, and prevents bacterial and...

Dec 02 2023
Post by Jessica Krupa