Gussets, Let’s Discuss It!
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Gussets, Let’s Discuss It!

Have you ever wondered what that little pocket in the middle of your underwear is for?  Don’t be fooled—it’s not for holding anything, like your keys or your phone.  That extra layer of fabric is called the gusset and serves a very important purpose: to preserve vaginal health. 


While women’s underwear is often made from synthetic materials, like polyester or nylon, the gusset is usually made out of cotton.  Cotton is a natural fabric, allowing for proper breathability and absorption.  As bacteria can get trapped and start to accumulate within the underwear, the gusset allows the vulva and vagina to better maintain their pH levels, decreasing the likelihood of yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.  Gussets can also be found in garments such as tights, pantyhose, and exercise bottoms, and serve the same purpose in all of them—to protect against infection and promote proper feminine hygiene.


Unfortunately, many companies tend to be lazy and want to save on time and manufacturing costs, often sewing only two or three sides of the gusset (hence, why it may resemble a pocket).  When the gusset is sewn this way, it can be less effective and is more likely to unravel and shrink or roll in the dryer.  When choosing underwear, it is important to consider ones that work in favor of your feminine health.  Opt for a quality pair that is made from natural, organic fabrics.

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