Cotton and Skin Go Together.
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Cotton and Skin Go Together.

Did you know… that in a test done by Cotton Inc., out of 200 participants and 400 tests, ZERO showed irritation to cotton?! 

The extensiveness of the test doesn’t stop there. Patch tests for cotton were performed for 7 weeks with varying phases to ensure no lingering factors were going to affect the results. The test was even reviewed and approved by a dermatologist. Cotton passed with flying colors!


Not convinced that cotton is the best choice for your underwear? Leading gynecologists did a study on over 300 women who experienced discomfort when using feminine care products to see if cotton made a difference. 105 gynecologists participated in the recruiting of the women. The end result showed 9 out of 10 women experienced no more irritation within 90 days of switching to 100% cotton pads.


You may be asking, why not just buy these 100% cotton pads instead of cotton underwear? While these pads are a great solution to vaginal irritation, we have an even better one. Panty promise’s organic cotton underwear design allows for the same relief and comfort without all the disposal and repeated purchase. We know how important comfort and health is, which is why we use a fiber you can trust.

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