Ups & Downs?! How your Period Could be Messing with Your Mind.
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Ups & Downs?! How your Period Could be Messing with Your Mind.

Not in your head—it’s a result of your hormones changing during your cycle, and it’s very real.  However, did you know that your hormones continue to change throughout all of the phases of your cycle?  Here’s how your mood might change with each phase.

As you begin the cycle with menstruation—a.k.a. the actual bleeding—you can expect to feel a little down.  This is because your estrogen and progesterone levels drop, which can cause mood swings.  Then, you move into the follicular phase. Here, your estrogen levels surge, and your energy levels increase.  You may find that you are more productive and focused here (this is the perfect time to get all those personal projects done!).  Afterward, you begin ovulation, the shortest phase of your cycle that lasts usually a day or so.  Here, positive feelings may peak and you may feel easily aroused.  And then you move into the luteal phase, where serotonin levels drop and PMS symptoms kick in.  Here, it's common to feel sluggish, absent-minded, and irritable.  Self-care practices and creative activities can be helpful during this time.

While everyone’s cycle is different and individual to themselves, mood changes are completely normal and common among all period-havers.  It’s important to be aware of why these mood changes happen so you know how to take care of your own body and mind during each phase.

Remember to choose only organic cotton underwear and organic cotton sanitary pads and tampons to keep your pH balance in control during all your phases!

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