Should You Wear Underwear to Bed?
Our Guide to Feminine Wellness & Sustainability

Should You Wear Underwear to Bed?

It’s been a long debate on whether or not we should be wearing underwear to bed. The answer is... it’s your choice. It’s really up to you if you want to wear underwear to bed or not. Sleeping without underwear is great for your vag. Dr. Nancy Herta says “Between discharge and sweat, your vagina is prone to produce moisture overnight. Underwear can trap that moisture, creating a playground for the bad bacteria that causes these conditions.” If you don’t want to sleep without underwear, Dr. Herta recommends that you switch to loose-fitting cotton underwear. Think of it like granny panties.

Underwear serves 2 main purposes –protection and hygiene. Wearing well-fitted, breathable underwear at night can help wick sweat and other moisture away while protecting against bladder or period leakage. In some cases, wearing underwear to bed can work against you. Bacteria and yeast thrive in moist and warm environments, like the ones created by certain types of undergarments.

This is why wearing organic cotton is so important to maintaining feminine wellness and protection while your body is in its resting phase.  Our seamless, ultra comfortable cottons will keep you fresh and clean all night!

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