Press Release- Body Magazine. Panty Promise Continues to Grow
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Press Release- Body Magazine. Panty Promise Continues to Grow

Panty Promise has continued to grow since we last wrote about the company in 2021, achieving industry recognition as well as commercial growth. 

The underwear brand launched as a collaboration “between a former Victoria’s Secret designer and top New York gynecologist,” explained founder and inventor Jessica Krupa, and created “a new standard in women’s underwear that marries intimate apparel with the fem tech industries, creating a preventative solution to women suffering from UTI’s, yeast infections, BV [bacterial vaginosis], and irritation through the first thing women put on everyday — their underwear.”

Krupa revealed that Panty Promise recently won competitions sponsored by the National Association of Women Business Owners in Orlando and the South Florida Tech Hub in Boca Raton, which resulted in her securing “over $30,000 in equity free capital, press, and entrepreneurial services.” She added that these victories show the success of her “strategy in merging the femtech and intimate apparel industries, setting the brand apart as a leader in innovation — a strong indicator of the brand’s scalability and its ability to meet consumer demands effectively.”

Krupa emphasized that Panty Promise is “now sold in nearly 100 retailers world-wide” and will continue to grow as it provides “better options for women’s undergarments.”

The founder noted that her panties are protected by “a utility patent across 17 different nations. This is no small feat; such widespread patent recognition underscores the uniqueness and utility of the brand’s design. These patents protect not just the aesthetic aspects of the underwear but primarily their functional innovations which are designed to incorporate specific elements that cater to enhancing user comfort and health compared to conventional options on the market. The securing of these patents is crucial for Panty Promise as it prevents competitors from replicating their design, thereby maintaining a unique market position and reinforcing their brand’s reputation for pioneering new standards in the underwear industry.”

Panty Promise is produced in sizes XS to 4X and in “a variety of natural skin tones.” The panties are “made from certified organic cotton and knit in Italy,” according to Krupa, and are “environmentally sustainable.” She concluded that “women of all sizes can enjoy high-quality, well-fitting underwear that celebrates a modern woman’s needs, creating an everyday solution to women’s wellness that is a preventative solution to UTI’s, yeast infections, itchiness, odors that synthetic fabrics cause women.”

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